Online Learning

Please check your school email and/or parent email for instructions on how to sign up for our online platforms for Symphonic Winds, Concert Band, and Jazz Band.

•  Symphonic Winds members should be enrolled in Smart Music, Sight Reading Factory, AND the Google Classroom for Symphonic Winds.

•  Concert Band members should be enrolled in Smart Music, Sight Reading Factory, AND the Google Classroom for Concert Band

•  Jazz Band members should be enrolled in Smart Music, Sight Reading Factory, AND the Google Classroom for Jazz Band.

 Please note that if you are in 2 ensembles, you don’t need to create separate accounts.  Just sign up, then enroll in the appropriate classes.  Instructions were emailed to you.

•  We will not be posting assignments to this website.  All assignment information will be posted in your respective Google Classrooms.


Weekend Update- Important info

•  Field Commander Applicants-  Please email Mr. Smith stating that you are interested in auditioning for Field Commander.  I need to have your contact information as we are considering using a video conferencing program to hold auditions……if we have to.

•  Color Guard-  If you will be a returning member of color guard, or you know of someone new that is trying out, please email Mr. Smith as soon as possible.  We are looking at alternative ideas for color guard auditions in case they are cancelled.  I need to get as many names as possible from interested people so we can communicate with them.

•  If you have not signed up for:  Smart Music, Sight Reading Factory, and the Google Classrooms for Concert, Jazz, and Winds….do this ASAP!  Instructions were sent to your school email accounts with websites and class codes.  So….sign up!  Tell your band friends who don’t stay up to date to get signed up!  If every band student is signed up for all platforms by midnight tomorrow (Sunday)  I will post a video of the whale joke.

•  All audition excerpts, including percussion, have been uploaded to Smart Music. In addition, all 12 major scales have been added. Clarinets- you’ll want to select 2 octave clarinet scales. Playback will be weird, but just ignore that.  I’ve only assigned one scale for now, just so you can play around with it.  I will add all 12 at a later date.

These are not real assignments, but have been assigned so you can practice them with Smart Music. Only click submit if you want some feedback, then I will reassign them.  Once all band members are signed up for Smart Music, I can assign instrument specific assignments for you….right now, everyone is seeing everything.  So, if you aren’t a percussionist, don’t attempt the snare excerpt on your instrument….unless you’re really really bored.

Additionally, once we have the 2020 Marching Band show music, we will put it into Smart Music and you’ll be able to practice with accompaniment. Pretty cool!

Smart Music Tip: Don’t worry about the red “error” notes showing up. If you are using a low quality microphone, this will happen. Anything that will be for a grade, I will listen to and assign my own score. While many of you are perfectionists, it’s important you don’t stress about small errors in Smart Music.


Smart Music for HS Band Students

Dear Band Families,
In order to keep band members enjoying making music while on break, we have secured free premium subscriptions to Smartmusic.  
This program will allow access to hundreds of band pieces, solos, jazz, sight reading and method books.
You should NOT purchase anything.  
The company is giving away these FREE premium subscriptions in response to school closings.
Here is a link if you want to see what the program has to offer:
Once we have more info, we will email your access code to Smart Music.  Please be aware that this is DIFFERENT that Sight Reading Factory.  You have already been sent that information.
We are looking into a combination of these two programs for our online band experience.  
I apologize for the bombardment of emails this week, but we are trying to be proactive and allow you to get used to all of this in short order.
Again, feel free to email me should you have any questions:  ryan.smith@perrylocal.org
Mr. Smith

Pre District Videos

Various phone recordings taken from last week’s performance. Since the Concert Band recordings were only shared on Facebook, I can’t post them here. Visit Perry HS Band Boosters on Facebook to see any/all video of your Symphonic Winds/Concert Band performance from this past week!




Online Learning Update for High School Band Students

•  All High School Band students need to do the following steps ASAP.  

  1. All HS students need to check your school emaill. If you did not receive an email with your student account code, send me an email and I will get it to you.
  2. Once you have received your account code, go to SightReadingFactory.com/student.
  3. Enter the student code provided by the instructor in the Student Code field.
  4. Select the appropriate age group.
  5. Complete the registration information.

•  Please be patient with us.  This is new to all of us, and there will most likely be some bumps along the road as we set this up.  As you know, Band is not something that can be done virtually/online.  We will do our best to roll this out as smoothly as possible.  

•  Should you need any assistance, contact Mr. Smith or Mr. Sterling.  We are looking at setting up an option of virtual one on one lessons/instruction to those students who may need extra help.

•  Field Commander applicants-  At this time, it is our intent to hold auditions when we return in April.  As the national situation continues to evolve, we may look at having you submit a video recording of yourself or possibly a Skype session (or something similar to Skype).  Keep practicing, and keep checking your email and the website for info and updates.  

•  Band auditions will be held when we return.

•  We will see you in a few weeks!  



Spring 2020 OMEA Events

All OMEA events for the rest of this school year have been canceled, including State Contest.  While this is certainly disappointing to all, remember that our collective success is not defined by a rating or a plaque.  It’s about making music, and we’ve done a tremendous job doing that this year.  So let’s keep doing that!

We are exploring some other opportunities for performances and feedback from professionals, but in this fluid situation, we have no information yet.  Keep following us through this website, Twitter, and Facebook for any updates and keep practicing!


3/12/2020 Updates

•  Recordings for Symphonic Winds have been placed on the Symphonic Winds page.

•  Concert Band recordings will be added soon

•  If there are school closures, this website will be your main source of band information and assignments.  We will also be using Sight Reading Factory which is an online/web based sight reading program.  Information will be posted here once we have it together.  Should you have any questions using the program (once it’s set up), feel free to email Mr. Smith.

•  In the mean time, it’s our (and your) job to prepare just like you would for any performance so that we continue getting better and improving.  

•  Thanks and be patient with us as we work through this together!


OMEA District Contest Canceled

OMEA District Contest for Symphonic Winds and Concert Band scheduled for this weekend is canceled.  OMEA made the difficult, and correct, decision to cancel this event across the state.  This date will not be made up.  As of now, how this will impact future events (State contest) is under review.  For now, plan on performing at State Contest in May at Glenoak HS.  More details will be given to students in rehearsals today.  There will be no Winds Wednesday today.


District Contest Info

•  Pre-District Concert will be Monday, March 9th at 7PM in the Aux. Gym.  Symphonic Winds members should be in seats at 6:30PM for pictures.  Concert Band pictures will take place immediately after.

•  District Contest will be Friday, March 13th at John Glenn High School.

•  Concert Band students should be in seats at PHS no later than 4:30PM.  Buses will depart at 4:45.  Performance will be at 7:45PM.  Return to PHS around 10:30PM.

•  Symphonic Winds students should be in seats at PHS no later than 6:30PM.  Buses will depart at 6:45.  Performance will be at 9:25PM.  Return to PHS around 12:15AM.