Cambridge Competition Spectator Information

•  For those of you wishing to attend the entire competition, the show begins at 5PM with Riverview High School Marching Band.  Perry will perform at 6:45PM.  Awards will take place at 7:30PM.  We anticipate being back at PHS around 9PM.

•  Please be advised that the stadium is NOT at Cambridge High School.  The stadium address is 1201 Clarimont Ave, Cambridge OH

•  There is an admission fee, but I don’t have that information.  I will see what I can find out and post an update.  


Friday/Saturday Info

Friday at Jackson:  Doors open at 5:15, buses roll at 5:45 PM

Saturday/Cambridge Competition:  Doors open at 2:45, buses roll at 3:45.  Performance by PHSMB at 6:45PM in Cambridge HS Stadium.  Parents, come and support your marching Panthers!

A reminder that masks must be worn on all bus trips and while in PHS.


Disney Refunds

If you have already made a payment to Noteworthy, you will automatically be reimbursed.  There is no need to call them at this time.  They are already working on processing the refunds.  Refunds should show up in a few days (early next week).  If you run into an issue, please let me know via phone or email.  


Disney Trip

Dear Students and Parents:

After much thought and conversation, we have made the decision to cancel our Florida trip for this year.  Up until the last few weeks, the situation looked highly favorable for us to proceed.  Unfortunately, that situation has changed dramatically.  While the situation could improve by January, it is also possible that it won’t.  We are looking at a 50/50 scenario.  At this time, proceeding with this trip would be a gamble, and I’m not willing to gamble with YOUR money.  Making this decision at this time ensures that you will receive a refund on payments made.  If we wait beyond September 15th, I would no longer be able to assure that.  I just can’t take that kind of risk with the finances of our parents.  This has been an agonizing decision for me to make and one that was not made lightly.

While the health and safety of our students are my first priority, we are also thinking ahead to scenarios where students would need to be quarantined in Florida and not able to return home with us.  This would create a terrible situation not only for students, but also financially for parents.  I am not willing to put our band family in that situation.

I apologize for having to deliver this news. I know this is a huge disappointment, especially to our senior class.  The rest of us can look ahead to trying this trip again next year, but our seniors will not get that chance.  If the situation improves between now and Spring, we will continue to explore a smaller trip of some form.


Disney Update: URGENT

I hope the start of your school year has been great.  I enjoyed watching the PHSMB’s performance last Friday and am impressed with how far you’ve come so far.  I’m beyond ANXIOUS to get back to work next week and I’m looking forward to seeing all of you.

With our first payment date looming on the horizon, we have a few items that need to be handled on your end as soon as possible.

First and foremost, is the Disney Covid Waiver.  In order for us to purchase passes for you, each participant (including adults who will be traveling with us) must complete the Disney Covid Waiver.  Students who will be 17 and under should use the “Minor Waiver” and students who will be 18 and over should use the “Adult Waiver”.  Basically, these state that you won’t hold Disney responsible if you were to contract Covid 19 while in the parks.  Please be advised that these waivers must be completed no later than September 10th.  If the waiver is not completed by September 10th, we will be unable to take you with us to Florida.

Please click here to access the MINOR WAIVER

Please click here to access the ADULT WAIVER

•  I’ve received several questions regarding the purchase of trip insurance.  Please be aware that neither I,  nor our tour company, can push a certain company for trip insurance.  The one I provided to you was just an example.  Trip insurance is NOT required, but I do highly recommend it due to Covid.  There are dozens (or more) companies that offer trip insurance, and the policies vary widely.  I encourage you to search the internet and contact a few companies to see what will work best for your personal situation.  During these uncertain times, I HIGHLY suggest looking into trip insurance.  If a student were to become ill prior to leaving, or for any other reason is unable to travel, trip insurance will help to protect your investment on non-refundable items.

•  Due to the nature of this trip during Covid, please be aware that we can’t add students to this trip after September 15th.  It is imperative that your payment and registration is made on time.  Since we have to reserve our days in the parks well in advance, if you aren’t signed up by September 15, you will be unable to go.

•  Disney’s current policy is that masks must be worn indoors on Disney property, but are not required when outdoors.  When planning/packing, please be sure to include masks on your list.

•  If you have any questions regarding the trip, please don’t hesitate to email me at ryan.smith@perrylocal.org  We are going to make sure this is a safe and enjoyable trip for our students.




More Disney Info

A new page has been added to www.perryband.com for information regarding the Disney Trip.  Just visit the website, and look for “Disney 2022” in the menu.

In addition, your band member will be bringing home a packet today (Friday) with all information including how to register and pay.


Drill Cards/Uniforms/Mask Update/HOF Info

•  Drill cards have now been added to the Marching Band page.  Please note that if your spot was switched, etc., the name may not match.  Please use your symbol/label to print the correct card.  Also, make sure you only print the page you need so you don’t waste all of your printer paper!

•  Make up uniform fittings are tonight!

•  At this time, we are not requiring masks for indoor rehearsals.  However, the Ohio Department of Health is requiring masks on all public transportation.  We are requiring that you mask up when we travel by bus.  Please note that these guidelines are subject to change.

•  We are in the early group for the HOF Parade!!  This is a good thing!  Doors will open at 6AM on parade day, buses will roll at 6:20AM.  Uniform will be full uniform, black Drillmasters, black socks (no ankle socks..must be mid calf), and your band tee shirt under the jacket.  No hat or gloves.  If the weather gets too hot, we will adjust to our summer uniform.

•  Your student should have brought home a picture order form today.  Marching Band pictures will take place at 6PM on Friday August 6th.  Uniform for pictures will be the same as the parade (no hat, no gloves)