Beat the heat!

With the excessive heat that is forecast for tomorrow (Thursday), it is IMPORTANT that you use the following tips/advice for staying cool tomorrow:

1.  Wear light colored, loose fitting clothing.  Avoid the school color of black tomorrow!

2.  Bring LOTS of H20 or a sports drink.  We will give you plenty of water breaks!

3.  Go to bed early tonight.  A rested mind and body will make tomorrow much easier.

4.  Use your water breaks to sit in the shade, not running around the parking lot.

5.  Work hard in the morning!  We will get you inside in the A/C as quickly as possible.  But you need to show up on time, and ready to work at 9AM sharp.

6.  Eat a light breakfast (cereal, fruit, etc).  Eating a greasy breakfast is just as bad as no breakfast at all.

7.  Hydrate TONIGHT!  Drink plenty of fluids tonight, and you will be thankful tomorrow.

8.  Keep up the outstanding work!  The staff is very excited at the progress you have made during this week!


Marching Band Begins Monday!

A friendly reminder that Marching Band rehearsals begin this Monday at 9AM.  Please arrive early as we expect to begin at 9AM sharp!  To be early is to be on time!  To view the complete summer and fall schedule, please visit www.perryband.com

You will need your lyre/flip folder, music, tennis shoes, water,a very positive attitude, and sun screen.  We will be outside most of the week and the forecast is looking sunny and hot.  Stay hydrated and bring plenty of water or sports drink.

At this point, we plan to begin in the auditorium pending construction.  Please be patient as the school is chaotic right now with all of the construction taking place!


Uniform Reminder

A reminder that uniform fittings are this Monday and Tuesday from 6-8PM

Juniors & Seniors- Monday the 11th

Sophomores & Freshmen- Tuesday the 12th


Please remember to order your shoes!

Our first rehearsal begins on July 18th at 9AM!  You need to have all of your music, in a flip folder, ready to rehearse at 9AM.  We will meet in the Mattachione Theatre pending construction updates.


2011 Leadership Retreat

The 2011 Leadership Team Retreat/Canoe Trip is scheduled for July 14th!  We will meet at the Bolivar Canoe Livery at 2:00PM for an 8.5 mile paddle down the Tuscarawas River, followed by a cookout.  Please arrive no later than 2:00PM!  You will need to bring $24 cash or check (payable to Perry Band Boosters) for the cost of the trip. (please note that this event is for members of the Leadership Team only)

You will need the following items for an enjoyable day:

Comfortable shoes (yes…this includes flip flops or sandals for once!)

Sun Screen

Bug Spray

A good attitude

Waterproof camera to take pictures of Mrs. Martin getting thrown into the river

A light snack/beverage

Following the canoe trip, we will have a cookout/dinner at the camp site.  Parents will need to pick you up in Bolivar at 8:30PM.

Please RSVP yes or no to Mr. Smith at Perryband@gmail.com no later than July 3rd to let us know if you are going or not.

For directions to the Canoe Livery, visit the NTR website at:  http://www.canoe-ohio.com/canoe.htm


Are you ready for Marching Band???

With the start of Marching Band just around the corner, please read the following to make sure you are prepared!

1.  Get outside!  It’s never too early to start getting acclimated to the weather/sun.  The more outdoor activity you do now, the easier those first summer rehearsals will be.

2.  Bring water and stay hydrated!  You are permitted to bring water jugs, bottles, Camel-Baks, etc to all rehearsals.  Make sure these are filled with plenty of WATER to stay hydrated during rehearsals.

3.  Block the sun!  Bring sun glasses, hats, and plenty of sun screen.  We will be spending hours in the sun…the more comfortable you make yourself, the better off you will be.

4.  Tennis shoes!  No flip flops or sandals at rehearsals.  Your directors (and feet) will thank you.

5.  Make sure you have all music in a flip folder with lyre.  If you show up without a flip folder, you will not be marching.  No exceptions.

6.  Play your instrument!  The more time you put in NOW, the more we will accomplish once rehearsal begins.  Lost your music?  Contact your section leader.

7.  Get your band shoes ordered early so they will be here for pictures/HOF parade.  We march in BLACK DRILLMASTER shoes for performances.  These can be ordered at The Band Shoppe, or any other retailer you choose.  Visit our “Supplies” link to shop for shoes!

8.  Uniform fittings on July 11 and 12!  Be there or be…..without a uniform.

9.  Now is a great time to sign up for private lessons with one of our local pros!  Visit the Lessons link to contact an instructor.

10.  Practice!


Uniform Fitting Dates

Seniors and Juniors will be July 11, 2011 from 6:00-8:00pm

Sophomores and Freshmen will be July 12, 2011 from 6:00-8:00pm

Optional night – July 27, 2011 from 6:00 to 7:00 pm (last chance!)

Section Leaders:  You need to call each member of your section to remind them of this info!


If you are unable to come on the night you are assigned please come the other night. If you are unable to come on either the 11th or 12th there will be an optional night on July 27th (this will be your last chance to pick up uniforms before pictures!!!)

There will be a $40.00 uniform fee for students receiving a marching and concert uniform.

There will be a $15.00 uniform fee for students receiving only the concert band uniform.

Black Gloves will also be available for $3.00 a pair.

Please make checks payable to Perry Band Boosters.

If paying cash please have the correct change.


Please wear shorts and band shoes to try on uniforms.

Freshmen: You should order your Band shoes before July 15th in order to have then by the HOF parade. To order your shoes go to the Perry band web page at www.perryband.com scroll down to Supplies and click on The Band Shoppe then click on Marching Band Shoes then click on Drillmasters Band shoes. You will need to order black shoes.


1812 Overture Now Online

Our closer for the British Invasion show, the 1812 Overture, is finished!  Please download your part from the Marching Band link.  An audio file (computerized) is also available for listening.  Please keep in mind that no percussion parts are available yet, and the recording is played by a computer.

Leadership Team:  Be sure to have enough copies printed for your entire section by July 18!

Drill writing has begun, and files/video will be added in the next few weeks.