Mid-Summer Update

We hope everyone has had an enjoyable and relaxing summer so far!  Here are some upcoming events and items that need your attention:

1.  A reminder that uniform fittings are July 10th and 12th in the band room.  Please be sure you have ordered your Black Drillmaster band shoes.  Rookies:  You will want to wear these during the first week or so of Marching Band to break them in.  This will help avoid blisters during the parade.

2.  A friendly reminder that marching band rehearsals begin on Monday, July 17, at 7:00 AM.  Please be in your seats and ready to play at 6:55AM.  Do not walk in the door at 6:59 and expect a positive outcome.  Please note that summer rehearsals are not optional.  If you are not there (and haven’t previously emailed Mr. Smith about a vacation), your spot will be given to someone who is there and on time.

3.  If you have lost touch with your instrument, now is a great time to reconnect with it and reintroduce yourself.  The better you sound on July 17th the more pleasant all of our lives (including yours) will be.

4.  Bring all music, instruments, flip folders, and lyres.  We will be outside for part of the first day.  Rookies, check in with your leadership team to make sure your instrument group uses a lyre (most do).  Do not show up on day one without these items.

5.  Wear comfortable shoes.  No flip flops or sandals are permitted.  Rookies:  It’s a good idea to wear your brand new marching band shoes to these rehearsals so you can break them in before the parade.

6.  We will give you water breaks each hour.  It is YOUR responsibility to bring water jugs, etc.  You will not have time to run inside to use the drinking fountain…bring it to the field with you!

7.  Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!  Marching Band rehearsals are not the place to try getting a suntan for the first time of the year and sunburns are not an excused absence.  If you haven’t ventured outside of your home since June 1st, start spending sometime outside to get acclimated to the heat.

7.  If you haven’t memorized La Pantera and the Fight Song yet, get busy.

8.  Practice!


Buckeye Invitational

We have been confirmed to perform at the Buckeye Invitational at Ohio Stadium on October 14th!

Our tentative performance time is 7:45 PM.  As the date gets closer, a more detailed schedule will be available.  For now, plan on departing PHS sometime in the afternoon.  Below is a tentative list of scheduled performing groups.



Social Media Policy

Please read the following addition to the Perry Band Handbook.  This policy will be in effect beginning on June 5th.  Have a great summer and we will see you in July!

Social Media Policy

As a member of the Perry High School Bands, you represent the group at all times, including on social media platforms. It is expected that you hold yourself and the group to the highest of standards. Any instances of slander, hate speech, cyber bullying, or other inappropriate comments directed toward individual members or sections of the band, the band as a whole, or it’s directors and staff will not be tolerated and may result in dismissal from the band.

In an effort to guide social media practices, including group chats, we suggest the following:

  • Understand that freedom of speech is not unlimited. Social media websites are not a place where you can say and do whatever you want without consequences.
  • Think twice before posting. If you would not want your parents, family, teachers, or boss to see your post, do not post it!
  • The internet is permanent. Even if you delete something, it still exists somewhere.
  • Remember many different audiences will see your posts, including fans, alumni, band members, parents, staff, etc.
  • Do not post comments that you would not speak about openly person to person.
  • Remember that directors and staff are aware of what you post on social media. Eventually, we will hear about it.
  • Keep in mind that potential employers and colleges use social media websites to screen candidates. Your career path can be directly impacted by your actions on social media websites.
  • Protect yourself by maintaining a self-image that you can be proud of years from now.

University of Akron Honors Band and Summer Band

Information for the Ohio Band Directors Conference Honor Band at The University of Akron is available!  The event takes place in December, and auditions materials are due in October.  Please go to http://uakron.edu/bands/obdc/honor-band/ for information.  All students who are studying privately should consider applying for this event!

Any student who is studying privately who would like to earn some college credit and have a fantastic summer music experience should consider enrolling in the University of Akron’s Summer Concert Band. Info is below.  Please see Mr. Smith before you enroll to ensure this ensemble is right for you.

Rehearsal Schedule:
Tuesday & Thursday: 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. (Guzzetta Recital Hall)
June 13 (Tuesday) to July 13 (Thursday)
July 13 (Thursday) – CONCERT – 7:30 p.m. Coleman Common
(Guzzetta Recital Hall – Rain Location)
For information on how to enroll at UA please visit:
Please select the “tab” that corresponds to the application you prefer:
NOTE: High School Students should select “Other”
Once you have been admitted at UA, please add Summer Band to your schedule:
7510: 130 – 481 (33225) – Undergraduate Credit
7510: 630 – 481 (33226) – Graduate Credit
If for some reason you need to miss a rehearsal or two, please call me (330-697-9233 cell or 330-972-6180 office) to discuss as we can accommodate these situations on a limited basis.