Football Schedule Changes

A brand new schedule of home football games has been updated on our schedule of events.  Please check the website calendar (www.perryband.com) to see our new schedule.  I’m trying to keep up with a rapidly changing schedule, so please be patient.  Sometimes, these things are changing daily.  But as of 11:19 today, our current schedule online is correct.


Band Uniform Update

In order to ensure the most safe environment for our band members, we have decided to go without our official full band uniforms this year.  Fitting our band in uniforms, and dressing them every weekend is a MASSIVE undertaking, and I feel is an unnecessary risk to our students and parent volunteers.  Please understand that this decision was not made lightly, and much thought and discussion with band directors around the state took place before I made this decision.

Our uniform this year will consist of our 2020 Band tee shirt (provided soon), black Drillmaster marching shoes, KHAKI shorts that are mid-thigh to knee length, and black ankle or no black show socks.  

Once the weather gets chilly, we will switch to jeans and our band raincoats which we can distribute at any time.

I understand very little about women’s fashion, so just make sure the shorts are fingertip length or stop at the knee.  No cargo pockets. 

Shorts can be purchased anywhere.  Old Navy usually has a decent stock of khaki shorts at a very low price.

If you have questions, don’t hesitate to email.  Students will need this attire by the first week of school.


Band Officers

The following seniors have are running for a band officer position.  Online voting will begin next week

  • President
    • Cherakee Hilfinger
    • Bre Reidl
    • Baylee Richardson
    • Kaitlyn Russell
    • Daniel Shamp
  • Vice President
    • Chloe Herncane
    • Alexandra Riley
  • Secretary
    • Destiny Post
  • Treasurer
    • Jack Darnell
    • Haylee Hardin
    • Ethan Schwartz
  • Historian
    • Faith Lynn

Rehearsal Change

•  Last week, I made a bet with our students that if they could march and play the opener, I would cancel Thursday’s rehearsal.  Fortunately for them, unfortunately for me, I lost this bet.  Your kids have done a FANTASTIC job the past few weeks under less than perfect circumstances.  Since I am a man of my word, there will be no evening rehearsal on Thursday.  But rest assured, I will work them extra hard on Thursday and Friday morning!

•  Decisions are still being made regarding our uniform this year.  At this point in time, it is imperative that each student has their black Drillmaster marching shoes.  Each student will be provided with a black band tee shirt that must be worn to every performance, whether or not we are in full uniform.  Shirts were ordered today and will be distributed to your students as soon as we receive them.  

•  I know this has been a strange summer, but it’s been great to be together making music again.  Every day we have together is better than a day apart, so keep working hard and enjoy what we’re doing!

•  Any parents who wish to watch this evening’s rehearsal may do so, IF YOU STAY IN YOUR VEHICLES.  If parents congregate outside of their vehicles, I will be forced to shut down our rehearsal.  We welcome your support…we just have to do it differently this year.  So feel free to come see your kids march tonight, just stay in your car please.

• Reminder that next week is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 7AM-11AM.  You are off Monday and Friday.



Marching Band Update 7/31

•  Great work this week!  Keep it up!  

•  2 a days start next week.  A reminder that evening rehearsals are from 6-9 PM.  Our calendar says 6-7, and that’s completely my fault.

•  Dot cards have been added to the marching band page.  DO NOT forget your dot card!  Ever!

•  Have a relaxing weekend and we’ll see you all bright and early Monday morning.


Marching Band Updates

•  Last week, we mentioned that we would be posting links for bell covers.  It turns out, we can get a better deal by purchasing in bulk.  Details to come, but we’d be looking at 10-15 dollars per instrument (depending on what you play).  We will be asking you to purchase one before we have “inside” band.  The bell covers would be for CONCERT instruments, not Marching Band instruments.  

•  Flutes:  A reminder to bring in a 2 liter soda bottle.  

•  2 a days are still happening next week!  However, we are cancelling our group photo on Friday evening…there will be no evening rehearsal on Friday, Aug. 7th.  We are working to schedule a day for individual photos.

•  Thank you for showing up with great attitudes.  Let’s keep it rolling and remember to enjoy every moment together……even when it’s 90 degrees out!


Marching Band Weather Announcement

Bad News:  Due to forecasted storms in the morning, there will be no Marching Band rehearsal on Wednesday, July 22nd.

Good News:  While storms were also forecast for Thursday, Thursday is looking good!  We will see everyone at 7AM Thursday morning.

Please remember to check the website and listen for announcements at rehearsals for weather updated cancellations.  Typically, we wouldn’t cancel for rain.  However, we can’t go in the building to get out of the weather.  


Here we go!!

It’s here!  Marching Band officially starts tomorrow!  (for leadership and freshmen….the rest of you will have to wait until Wednesday!)

Some updates and reminders:

•  Water Water Water!  Make sure you bring a container of water.  Also, dress for the heat and wear sunscreen.

•  BEFORE you leave your house, take your temperature.  If you have a fever, stay home.  If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19….stay home.  If you miss a rehearsal due to illness, please have a parent email us at ryan.smith@perrylocal.org

•  We must all do our part to social distance and follow our guidelines.  These will be taken seriously.  If you must miss rehearsals because you are showing symptoms, must quarantine, etc., you will be excused….there will be no penalty.  We all want to see each other and participate in this awesome activity, but we must be responsible.

•  Looking at the forecast, there is a strong possibility that rehearsal on Tuesday will end at 10AM.  An announcement will be made tomorrow.  I don’t like to change schedules at the last minute, but we are going to do what we need to do to keep kids safe.  In extreme heat, we typically take the marching band inside….that’s not an option this year.  When extreme heat or inclement weather is forecast, we will make a determination to cancel with the hope of leaving parents enough time to make arrangements. 

•  We will see some of you tomorrow at 7AM and all of you on Wednesday at 7AM!