Welcome Back!

•  A friendly reminder that we have after school rehearsals this week on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 2:45-4:45.

•  Bring all concert instruments on Wednesday as both groups will be rehearsing on the first full day of school!

•  Looking ahead to next week, we have Fair Show practice on Monday from 6-7PM and the Fair Show on Tuesday at 7PM.  Exact times will be forthcoming.

•  All music except the ballad and closer needs to be memorized by this Friday.  Students who miss the deadline will lose 3rd quarter privileges, and eventually will lose their spot.  Get your music checked off!

•  We will be traveling to Pfeiffer this Friday to perform for the 6th grade.  Please wear your 2017 Band shirt.

•  Room list sign ups for the Disney trip will go up next week.  If you are chaperoning and have a preference, please email your rooming request to Mr. Smith.

•  Have a great first day back to school!


Services and Information for Raistlin Brown

Raistlin Chester Brown, 14, of Canton, passed away Sunday, August 13th, unexpectedly at his residence. Born in Canton on September 19, 2002, a son of Joshua and Emmaline Brown. Raistlin would have been starting his sophomore year at Perry High School and was a member of the Perry High School marching band drumline. Besides his parents he is survived by 3 sisters Rayna Brown, Regan Brown, Rowan Brown, 2 brothers Riddick Brown, Rory Brown, all of the home; great-grandfather Ivan Yost; grandparents Cindy and Rick Grimm; 2 aunts Shannon Newman, Shellie (Tony) Venezia; 3 uncles Paul Miller, Robert Richards, Jacob Stout; cousins Justin Grimm, Kailey Grimm, Isabelle Venezia; Preceded in death by grandmother Sharon Stout, great-grandmother Flora Yost. A memorial service will be held Thursday, August 24th at 7pm in the Waltner-SIMCHAK Funeral Home with Matt Conley officiating. A gathering of friends will be held from 5pm until the time of service, also in the funeral home. In lieu of flowers make donations to CSE Federal Credit Union in Emmaline Brown’s name.

HOF Week Announcements

  1.  Make sure you are staying hydrated!  While it’s not scorching hot, there is still plenty of sun.  Keep drinking water and using sunscreen.
  2. HOF Eve:  Please make sure you are drinking water or gatorade.  Eat a light breakfast the morning of the parade.  Try to avoid things like pancakes with a gallon of chocolate milk, etc that morning.  However, you need to eat something!
  3. HOF Day:  Doors open at 6:30AM, buses roll at 7AM.  We “should” arrive back at PHS around noon, hopefully earlier.
  4. Pregame and La Pantera need to be checked off by this Friday.

Announcements 7/26/2017

•  We are off to a great start!  Keep working hard and get your music memorized.  The faster you memorize, the easier the marching/drill is!

•  Make sure you are drinking plenty of water not only at rehearsals, but also at home.  As you are quickly learning, the PHSMB is an athletic activity.  Prepare like an athlete.

•  At the request of the vast majority of students in the PHSMB, the morning rehearsals during 2 a days week will be 7-11 AM.  Even though the staff will be cranky, it does keep the kids out of the heat.

•  Charts and dots for the opener are now online.  Dots will be updated as we go along.  It’s a good idea for leadership team members to download copies of the charts so you can you help set forms.

•  We have zero information on the HOF parade.  Once we know times we will share that information.  At this point in time, plan on departing PHS around 6:45AM and returning a bit before noon.

•  Many sections have get togethers the night before the parade.  Please remember that you are performing in a lengthy parade the following morning.  Eating entire pizzas and drinking a gallon of chocolate milk will not help you perform well.  Please eat appropriately, and eat a “light” breakfast the morning of the parade.  It is also important that you sleep.

•  Marching Band pictures will take place Friday evening before the parade in the stadium.  We will have order forms for you when James Woods Photography gets them to us early next week.


Mid-Summer Update

We hope everyone has had an enjoyable and relaxing summer so far!  Here are some upcoming events and items that need your attention:

1.  A reminder that uniform fittings are July 10th and 12th in the band room.  Please be sure you have ordered your Black Drillmaster band shoes.  Rookies:  You will want to wear these during the first week or so of Marching Band to break them in.  This will help avoid blisters during the parade.

2.  A friendly reminder that marching band rehearsals begin on Monday, July 17, at 7:00 AM.  Please be in your seats and ready to play at 6:55AM.  Do not walk in the door at 6:59 and expect a positive outcome.  Please note that summer rehearsals are not optional.  If you are not there (and haven’t previously emailed Mr. Smith about a vacation), your spot will be given to someone who is there and on time.

3.  If you have lost touch with your instrument, now is a great time to reconnect with it and reintroduce yourself.  The better you sound on July 17th the more pleasant all of our lives (including yours) will be.

4.  Bring all music, instruments, flip folders, and lyres.  We will be outside for part of the first day.  Rookies, check in with your leadership team to make sure your instrument group uses a lyre (most do).  Do not show up on day one without these items.

5.  Wear comfortable shoes.  No flip flops or sandals are permitted.  Rookies:  It’s a good idea to wear your brand new marching band shoes to these rehearsals so you can break them in before the parade.

6.  We will give you water breaks each hour.  It is YOUR responsibility to bring water jugs, etc.  You will not have time to run inside to use the drinking fountain…bring it to the field with you!

7.  Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!  Marching Band rehearsals are not the place to try getting a suntan for the first time of the year and sunburns are not an excused absence.  If you haven’t ventured outside of your home since June 1st, start spending sometime outside to get acclimated to the heat.

7.  If you haven’t memorized La Pantera and the Fight Song yet, get busy.

8.  Practice!