Disney Week Announcements

•  All solo/ensemble forms and money must be turned in by Tuesday, December 12th.

•  Please plan to turn in your medications on Thursday following marching band practice.

•  Luggage drop off will be in the theatre this Friday until 3:30PM.

•  Saturday:  Doors open at 11AM, buses roll at noon.  We won’t be stopping until 5 or 6PM.  A reminder that if you bring snacks/drinks that you must keep your bus clean.  If you want to bring movies, make sure they are PG-13.  If you bring DVD’s of Pitch Perfect or Glee, you will be dropped off at the closest rest stop and you will have to walk home.


Disney Items

•  All prescription medications must be turned in this Thursday after our last Disney practice.  Make sure medications are labeled, with instructions, and only bring enough for the trip.

•  Luggage can be dropped off Friday until 3:30PM.  You can bring luggage to school with you and we will secure it in one of the band rooms.  Luggage must be dropped off on Friday!  If it’s not here over night, it’s not going on the bus.


Disney Fast Pass Information

Disney Pass numbers have been posted in the main band room.  You can use these numbers to make your fast pass reservations online.

Trip participants may go online and select their FastPass+ preferences prior to arrival. To do so each person will need a Disney account and their pass number.

To create or log into an existing account use the following website: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/plan/

Once the account has been created, trip participants will be asked to enter their ticket number.

If a trip participant receives a message that a ticket number is invalid, please call the office to verify the ticket number.

Now you are ready to make your selections and share plans! Participants can connect to others in their group by adding them to their Family & Friends list first.

For additional assistance contact Disney’s Internet Help Desk at 800-848-6413 or visit https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/help/fast-pass-plus/