Cambridge Info

•  Friday vs Jackson (8th Grade Night)-  Doors open at 5:15, warm up at 6PM, March-a-thon performance at approx 6:20 in Hartwick park. 

•  Saturday at Cambridge Competition-  Doors open at 3:30, buses roll at 4:15.  Performance by PHS at 7PM.  We should arrive back at PHS between 9 and 9:30

•  Parents:  The competition begins at 5:00PM with Fort Frye High School.  Please note that the stadium is not at Cambridge High School.  The address for the stadium is 1201 Claremont Ave, Cambridge OH.  There is an admission charge, but I’m uncertain of how much tickets are.


Disney Room Signups

•  Room signups will be available on the bulletin board in the main band room today.

•  Students will be in rooms of 5, no exceptions.  If you have your group of five, I highly suggest you sign up together, at the same time.

•  You may not sign up another person.  You can only write your OWN name on the signup.  No exceptions!

•  Please be aware that if folks can’t follow instructions, not all room requests will be honored.

•  There will be no “single” student rooms.  If you sign up for your own room, you will be placed in another room.

•  There will be no drama regarding room signups.  Think through carefully who you want to room with, and then signup as a group!  There is no reason to rush in and be the first to signup…..the room list will be up for a few days!

•  I have final approval on the rooms.  Again, please follow instructions so you end up with a positive experience.

•  A list of registered travelers will be posted next to the signup sheet.  If your name isn’t on it, DO NOT sign up for a room.


Announcements Week of 8/22/22

•  Rehearsals are Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday from 2:45-4:45 this week and for the remainder of the season.  Plan to be on the parking lot, ready to go at 2:45 each day.

•  SATURDAY game at Tom Benson Stadium:  Doors open at noon, buses roll at 12:45.  Saturday’s game begins at 2PM.

•  Disney room signups will be going up soon!  Please be thinking about who you would like to room with.  Each room will have 5 total students in it.  We will do our best to accommodate your requests.


Announcements Week of 8/15/22

•  Welcome back to school!  We’re excited as we head into what is sure to be another fantastic year for the Perry Band program!

•  There will be no Winds or Concert Band this week.  Our first rehearsals will be Monday mod 17/18

•  Rehearsals on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week will take place from 2:45-4:45.  Please be at the parking lot, ready to start at 2:45 sharp!

•  Rehearsal on Thursday will take place during mod 17/18 until approx 3:45.

•  Thursday night game vs Central:  Doors open at 5:45, warmup at 6:15PM.  FULL uniform.