1.  Palace Concert on Tuesday night.  All band students should be in balcony seats by 6:30PM.  HS students will store instruments in the dressing rooms under the stage.  Concert Uniforms for this performance.

2.  Palace Set-up Crew should arrive at PHS by 3:00PM.  Please plan to stay after and help tear down/unload at PHS following the concert.

3.  All tickets for the Palace are now sold.  Please tell parents and family members to arrive early to choose their seats.  It will be packed!

4.  Performance order will be:  6th Grade, 7th Grade, Jazz Ensemble, 8th Grade, Concert Band, and Winds.

5.  If you haven’t yet turned in your solo and ensemble form, please do this by Monday.  Money will be due at a later date.  Music can be picked up from Mr. Smith on Monday.

6.  Ensemble leaders should schedule a rehearsal or two with your ensembles over break!  If you want help during rehearsals, send us an email.

7.  Have a safe and relaxing break!!  ALL INSTRUMENTS SHOULD GO HOME!  PRACTICE!