With the excessive heat that is forecast for tomorrow (Thursday), it is IMPORTANT that you use the following tips/advice for staying cool tomorrow:

1.  Wear light colored, loose fitting clothing.  Avoid the school color of black tomorrow!

2.  Bring LOTS of H20 or a sports drink.  We will give you plenty of water breaks!

3.  Go to bed early tonight.  A rested mind and body will make tomorrow much easier.

4.  Use your water breaks to sit in the shade, not running around the parking lot.

5.  Work hard in the morning!  We will get you inside in the A/C as quickly as possible.  But you need to show up on time, and ready to work at 9AM sharp.

6.  Eat a light breakfast (cereal, fruit, etc).  Eating a greasy breakfast is just as bad as no breakfast at all.

7.  Hydrate TONIGHT!  Drink plenty of fluids tonight, and you will be thankful tomorrow.

8.  Keep up the outstanding work!  The staff is very excited at the progress you have made during this week!