Our long awaited trip to Kalahari is finally here!  Please read through and share the following information so we can have an enjoyable and stress free trip!

1.  Please remember that this is an overnight trip, not an expedition to Mt. Everest.  You only need to bring one bag.

2.  When we depart, you must take your uniform, swim attire, ON THE BUS with you.  Our rooms will not be available until later in the day, however there will be locker rooms for you to change in Kalahari.  You will have a garment bag for your uniform (issued by the Uniform Crew).  Pack your marching shoes and black tee shirt/shorts/socks in the garment bag.  YOU MUST NOT PACK ANYTHING UNDER THE BUS THAT YOU WILL NEED ON SATURDAY.

3.  A separate bus for students not participating on the trip portion will depart PHS at 2PM.  Students on this bus should bring $$ as you will stop at a fast food establishment on the way home from Perkins.  This bus should arrive back at PHS around 11PM.  The Perkins Competition is NOT OPTIONAL.  Your attendance at this event is required.

4.  Adults/Students participating on the entire trip must be at PHS no later than 9AM on Saturday.  We will depart at 9:30.  Please have your name on any luggage, and be ready to load at 9:30.

5.  In addition to being an amazing water park, Kalahari has a huge arcade.  If swimming is not your thing, be sure to bring some extra $$$ to enjoy the arcade and/or the many other things Kalahari has to offer.  In addition, you will need to bring money for meals.

6.  Keep an eye on the weather forecast, and pack accordingly.  In the event of rain, we will spend Sunday at the water park.

7.  We will arrive back at PHS on Sunday, at 10PM.  If you have homework, remember that you will have 4 hours on a bus over the weekend.  This is an excellent time to get your studying/work done.

8.  Our performance at Perkins will take place at 7:45 PM.  We HIGHLY encourage parents to come and support your Panther Marching Band at their first OMEA Marching Band Contest in school history.  The address for Perkins HS is 3714 Campbell St., Sandusky, OH 44870.  The trip to Perkins can be made in just under 2 hours.

9.  We will have a Marching Band meeting this Monday during mods 17/18 to discuss rules for the trip, etc.  There will be no Winds/Concert Band rehearsals.

10.  The complete itinerary can be downloaded by clicking here!  Please note that this may be amended to allow a bit more time in the parks.  Please print a copy of this to bring with you on the trip.  You will be ON YOUR OWN at Cedar Point, but still expected to be on time.