1.  Bow ties are still for sale!  $2.00!

2.  Jazz and Winds exams begin Monday, December 12th.  Part 1 for Winds will be Bb, Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, and B concert scales.  Part 2 will take place following break, and will be your ensembles.

3.  Jazz Ensemble performance is on December 18th, at 7PM, at Pfeiffer.  Dress will be all black. (no jeans)

4.  Solo and Ensemble registration forms are due no later than December 20th!  Please turn in 1 form for your ensemble (group leaders) and a separate form for each solo you are taking.  Please note any time request on the bottom of the sheet.  Please reserve time request for important events/conflicts only!  (I want to sleep in is not an important event).  Forms are available online under the Winds and Concert Band pages, or from Mr. Smith.  You can look up song codes from the OMEA list.  The lists are located on the Winds and Concert Band pages.