1.  A reminder that uniform fittings are this week.  Tuesday for Seniors/Juniors, and Thursday for Freshmen/Sophomores.

2.  Leadership Retreat is this Thursday!  Meet at Bolivar NTR Canoe no later than 11:30AM.

3.  First Marching Band rehearsal will be Monday, July 15th at 8AM.  Remember to be early as rehearsal will BEGIN at 8AM.  We will meet in the main band room for music rehearsal to start the day.

4.  Please be sure that you have ordered your marching shoes (black Drillmasters).  If you do not have these in time for the HOF parade, you will not be marching with us in the parade.

5.  A friendly reminder that your summer attendance will be a major part in earning a spot in our competition show.  Students with unexcused absences/tardies will be the first to be put on alternate status.

6.  Take some time this week to reintroduce yourself to your instrument.  We want to get started on the right(left) foot this Monday!