1. All money and forms are due no later than December 20th.  If you miss this deadline, you will not be able to perform.  Our registration is due over Christmas break.  Forms are available outside of the band office or by clicking here
  2. Please make checks payable to Perry Band Boosters.  Solos are $16 & Ensembles are $21.  Ensemble leaders, please collect money from your members and add it to your check.  Ensemble fees should be divided among members.  (I.E.  A trio is $7 per student.  A quintet is $4.20 per member, etc)
  3. Please use the solo/ensemble links on the Winds and Concert pages to find your song codes.  PLEASE enter your song code on your form.  This will save us MUCH time when entering your events.
  4. If your solo calls for an accompanist, you must have an accompanist.  Please make sure to contact an accompanist before turning in your form next week.  Also, be sure to list your accompanist on your form!  This will help with scheduling conflicts.  If you need help finding an accompanist, talk to your private teacher or Mr. Smith.  We will help!
  5. If you have a time request, please list the reason on the back of your form.  “I would like to sleep in” is not a valid request.  “I have a speech tournament” IS a valid request.  We are allotted only so many time requests, so use them wisely.
  6. Please print your information legibly.  I will repeat that.  Please print your information legibly.
  7. Ensembles: Don’t be a cotton headed ninny muggins. It is encouraged to meet once or twice over break.  The best way to spread holiday cheer is practicing ensembles for all to hear!