In light of the fact that we have had just 8 full rehearsals since Christmas Break, and we have a performance in less than 2 weeks, we are scheduling 2 additional rehearsals next week.  Rather than have you come back in the evening, we thought it would be best to just run our “Winds Wednesday” schedule on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Rehearsals on these days will go from 1:30-3:00PM.

If you have another school commitment on Tuesday and Thursday, you need to attend those events first!  Do not use our extra rehearsals as an excuse to miss other activities that you have made a commitment to.

If you can’t make it due to a work schedule, dr. appointment, etc., please email Mr. Smith ASAP.

I am confident that you can put on a great performance, but it’s going to take a bit of extra time for all of us to pull it off.  “The only thing that overcomes hard luck is hard work.”

Program for Akron:  The Crosley March & American Elegy.  It wouldn’t hurt to start working on Resurgences since contest is 5 weeks away.