IF we have more snow/cold days this week, the following items are true:

1.  If you are scheduled to meet with Mr. Kendrick, plan on coming at your time.  We will make sure the building is open and Mr. Kendrick WILL be there.

2.  If you need help with your ensemble, email Mr. Smith ASAP (as in before Monday).  We can plan to meet any day we are off starting at 1:30 PM.  There are a couple of groups that need to make sure you do this.

3.  You will practice.

4.  If school is closed because of cold, the above items apply.  If it’s because of snow/dangerous roads, the above items will NOT apply(except #3).  Keep your eye on the website just in case.

5.  Symphonic Winds members:  You had a great rehearsal on Thursday.  Keep doing what you’re doing and we should be ok for Akron.