1.  Congrats on a fantastic start this year!  If we keep working and improving as quickly as we have, this will be one incredible group this year.

2.  Pre Game checkoffs will be next Friday!  La Pantera, Fight Song, National Anthem, and Alma Mater need to be memorized by the end of next week!

3.  Start practicing the contest show!  Drill for the opener is in (31 sets) and it looks great!  We could start teaching the contest show as early as the middle of next week.

4.  Pre Game drill will start on Thursday(tomorrow).  Leadership Team:  Think about how you are going to help your rookies learn to read a drill card.

5.  As we get closer to parade marching days (and heat), we’d like to remind you to keep hydrating during your breaks.  Those first days of parade marching will be tough!

6.  You need to be wearing sunscreen even in COOL WEATHER.  It’s sun screen, not heat screen.  It was very cool today, but several of you went home with sunburns.  WEAR SUNSCREEN!

7.  Please read our attendance policy as we approach August.  When school starts, you need to make sure your doctor and dentist appointments are not scheduled on a Marching Band day.