Saturday September 26th:

•  Doors open at 10:30AM

•  Buses roll at 11:00AM

•  PHSMB performs at 1:45PM

•  Arrive back at PHS at approx. 4PM

Performing Groups Schedule

Shenandoah HS (Class C)     11:45 AM

Buckeye HS (Class B)            12:00PM

Avon Lake HS (Class A)        12:15PM

New Philadelphia HS (Class A)  12:30PM

Medina HS (Class AA)          1:00PM

Beavercreek HS (Class AA)  1:15PM

Springboro HS (Class AA)   1:30PM

Hilliard Bradley HS (Class AA) 1:45PM

Perry HS (Class AA)             2:00PM

Amherst Steele HS (Class AA)  2:15PM

The University of Akron Marching Band (Exhibition)  2:30PM