Click here to access the completed Solo and Ensemble schedule

•  The event is held at Massillon High School.

•  Dress nicely (there is no need to wear your uniform, but you should not be wearing jeans and tee shirts either.  Look professional!)

•  Arrive at least 30 minutes before your time.  Arrive at your performance room at least 10 minutes early.

•  Be flexible!  Schedules can and will change throughout the day.  If your accompanist is running late, allow the next event to go ahead of you.  Do not hold the entire room up while you wait for someone to get there.

•  Act like PHS Band members the entire day.

 Make sure you have the original score/solo part, with measures numbered, to give to the judge!!  You will receive a penalty of comments only/lowered rating if you do not provide this.

•  Support the Massillon Band and eat lunch in the cafeteria!