•  Try on your dress/tux IMMEDIATELY for fit
•  If it fits appropriately, congratulations on your new performance wear!  Ladies, your dress should hang straight to the floor with no break, and ankles should not show.
•  Men must wear black socks and black dress shoes.  Ladies must wear black, closed toe shoes with sheer or skin-toned stockings.
•  Adjustments to length are Winds members’ responsibility. You can call for alterations/pricings:
      Tina Metcalf 330-806-8513
      Patti Hudson 330-324-4375
      Alterations Express 330-493-8701
      OR a tailor of your choosing
•  If the fit is incorrect and a totally different size is needed, please call or text Merribeth Carpenter within 7 days to get remeasured and a replacement ordered in time for the Palace Concert
•  You now own your winds wear and are responsible for cleaning and upkeep
•  Any Issues or Questions Contact Merribeth Carpenter at home 330-880-0789 or Cell 330-685-5053