As we embark on the 2018-2019 year, the concession stand would like to wish all of our students and staff a happy, safe and successful year.

We are happy to announce once again that there will be no increase in prices this year!  That extra cash in your pocket can certainly find a home in any one of the donation cans in the concession stand windows. As in previous years,  all donations will go directly to Perry helping Perry. Please stop down, grab something to eat, and make a donation.

We have a few exciting announcements for this season. White glacier cherry Gatorade has been added to our inventory, and is approved for drinking on the turf. Also, be sure to buy a box of popcorn every time you visit the concession stand because each week, random boxes of popcorn will have a prize inside!!! You could score coupons for $2 off at the concession stand or $25 gift cards for area businesses. And you don’twant to miss Dollar Dog Night during the Jackson game. Bring your appetite!!!