•  Friday @ Hoover- Doors open at 5:15PM, buses roll at 6PM

•  Saturday @ Marietta-  Doors open at 7AM, buses roll at 7:45 AM.  PHSMB performance at 11:30AM, awards at 12:15PM.  We should arrive at PHS between 2:30 and 3:00PM

•  Saturday’s competition is at Don Drumm Stadium, 600 Greene Street in Marietta.  Please note that this is a different location than Marietta HS.  Admission is $6.00

10:00AM Waterford HS C
10:15AM Belpre HS C
10:30AM Indian Valley B
11:00AM Warren HS A
11:15AM Berne Union HS A
11:30AM Perry HS AA
12:00PM Marietta HS A (ratings only)