•  All High School Band students need to do the following steps ASAP.  

  1. All HS students need to check your school emaill. If you did not receive an email with your student account code, send me an email and I will get it to you.
  2. Once you have received your account code, go to SightReadingFactory.com/student.
  3. Enter the student code provided by the instructor in the Student Code field.
  4. Select the appropriate age group.
  5. Complete the registration information.

•  Please be patient with us.  This is new to all of us, and there will most likely be some bumps along the road as we set this up.  As you know, Band is not something that can be done virtually/online.  We will do our best to roll this out as smoothly as possible.  

•  Should you need any assistance, contact Mr. Smith or Mr. Sterling.  We are looking at setting up an option of virtual one on one lessons/instruction to those students who may need extra help.

•  Field Commander applicants-  At this time, it is our intent to hold auditions when we return in April.  As the national situation continues to evolve, we may look at having you submit a video recording of yourself or possibly a Skype session (or something similar to Skype).  Keep practicing, and keep checking your email and the website for info and updates.  

•  Band auditions will be held when we return.

•  We will see you in a few weeks!