•  Field Commander Applicants-  Please email Mr. Smith stating that you are interested in auditioning for Field Commander.  I need to have your contact information as we are considering using a video conferencing program to hold auditions……if we have to.

•  Color Guard-  If you will be a returning member of color guard, or you know of someone new that is trying out, please email Mr. Smith as soon as possible.  We are looking at alternative ideas for color guard auditions in case they are cancelled.  I need to get as many names as possible from interested people so we can communicate with them.

•  If you have not signed up for:  Smart Music, Sight Reading Factory, and the Google Classrooms for Concert, Jazz, and Winds….do this ASAP!  Instructions were sent to your school email accounts with websites and class codes.  So….sign up!  Tell your band friends who don’t stay up to date to get signed up!  If every band student is signed up for all platforms by midnight tomorrow (Sunday)  I will post a video of the whale joke.

•  All audition excerpts, including percussion, have been uploaded to Smart Music. In addition, all 12 major scales have been added. Clarinets- you’ll want to select 2 octave clarinet scales. Playback will be weird, but just ignore that.  I’ve only assigned one scale for now, just so you can play around with it.  I will add all 12 at a later date.

These are not real assignments, but have been assigned so you can practice them with Smart Music. Only click submit if you want some feedback, then I will reassign them.  Once all band members are signed up for Smart Music, I can assign instrument specific assignments for you….right now, everyone is seeing everything.  So, if you aren’t a percussionist, don’t attempt the snare excerpt on your instrument….unless you’re really really bored.

Additionally, once we have the 2020 Marching Band show music, we will put it into Smart Music and you’ll be able to practice with accompaniment. Pretty cool!

Smart Music Tip: Don’t worry about the red “error” notes showing up. If you are using a low quality microphone, this will happen. Anything that will be for a grade, I will listen to and assign my own score. While many of you are perfectionists, it’s important you don’t stress about small errors in Smart Music.