A reminder that today is uniform/equipment collecting and Butterbraid pick up.  It is HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY important that you get this taken care of today.

This will take place on the front steps of PHS.  Due to the restraints put on us, this is the only opportunity we have to do this….I am begging you to please be available to turn these items in on this day. 

The following items need to be addressed:

1.  All seniors and non-returning members with school owned instruments/equipment.  

2.  All Concert Band members with concert uniforms.  Returning members need to turn in uniforms!

3.  Any person who may have a piece of a uniform or equipment that they forgot to turn in

Directions:  Parents/students will drive to the front steps of PHS, and we will collect your uniform through your car window.  If you have instruments/equipment to turn in, we will collect that from you as well.

It is absolutely imperative that we have 100 percent cooperation from those needing to turn these items in.  Please spread the word.