I hope you are all having a relaxing extended summer!  The last time in my life that I had this much “down time”, I was 4 years old.  True story.  I’m starting to get bored.

Believe it or not, Marching Band is just around the corner.  At this time, our plan is to be “all systems go” on July 20th.  Obviously, things may look a bit different this season, but we will adjust accordingly and do what we need to do.  As we learn more, we will be sharing important updates with you on what our rehearsals will look like.  While some of these guidelines might not be enjoyable, as an organization it’s important that we ALL do what we need to do so that we can have a season.  I will do my best to make every minute enjoyable with my fantastic wit and sarcasm…..you do your best by showing up prepared and with a positive attitude.

It is my hope that our season will be completely normal.  However, it is quite possible that this will be a marching band experience that neither you, I, or anyone who has done marching band has ever experienced before.  It is important that we stay flexible, smart, and roll with it.  As always, I’m sure we’re going to have a blast doing whatever it is we are about to do together…and to the best of our abilities.  

As we look ahead, one of the items we will need to plan for is social distancing.  This begins with rides to and from rehearsals.  It is highly encouraged that each student finds their own transportation to rehearsals this year.  When possible, please avoid sharing rides with each other.

We are looking at hosting a “Rookie Camp” on one morning the week before full rehearsals begin.  I would like to get this information to you ASAP, but we are still waiting on clearance to proceed.  This would only impact all incoming rookies and leadership team.  Right now, we are thinking Wednesday, July 15 from 9AM-Noon.  Keep your eyes glued to the website.  Once we have a green light from the county Health Department, we will push out information.

As we prepare, here is a current list of items that you need to be prepared for:

1.  Get outside!  It’s never too early to start getting acclimated to the weather/sun.  The more outdoor activity you do now, the easier those first summer rehearsals will be.

2.  Bring water and stay hydrated!  You are permitted to bring water jugs, bottles, Camel-Baks, etc to all rehearsals.  Make sure these are filled with plenty of WATER to stay hydrated during rehearsals.  It is absolutely imperative that you have YOUR OWN PERSONAL WATER CONTAINER.  THERE CAN BE NO SHARING OF WATER BOTTLES THIS YEAR FOR ANY REASON.

3.  Block the sun!  Bring sun glasses, hats, and plenty of sun screen.  We will be spending hours in the sun…the more comfortable you make yourself, the better off you will be.

4.  Tennis shoes!  No flip flops or sandals at rehearsals.  Your directors (and feet) will thank you.

5.  Make sure you have all music in a flip folder with lyre.  If you show up without a flip folder, you will not be marching.  No exceptions.  Check in with your leadership team to see what specific items your section may need.  (flutes and tubas especially)

6.  Play your instrument!  The more time you put in NOW, the more we will accomplish once rehearsal begins.  Lost your music?  Contact your section leader.

7.  Get your band shoes ordered early so they will be here for pictures/HOF parade.  We march in BLACK DRILLMASTER shoes for performances.  These can be ordered at The Band Shoppe, or any other retailer you choose. 

8.  Uniform fittings are currently on hold.  We are formulating a plan that works for a group our size so that we can get you fitted safely.

9. We are still examining our Cedar Point trip.  We have a few more weeks before we have to make a definite decision.  Our utmost concern is your safety.  Period.  We also want to make sure that visiting the park under current circumstances will be an enjoyable experience.

10.  Practice!

11.  Be ready to show up with a positive attitude so we can be Good, Better, Best!

12.  Go practice some more!