As we progress through the winter months, the next big event on our schedule is OMEA High School Solo & Ensemble contest.  As with everything else in our lives right now, this event will be held virtually.  OMEA has put together a fantastic program in order to pull this off, and we’re very excited to be able to use this opportunity.  I will include a link for all of the information that you as a student need to know.  Here are some things that are Perry specific:

•  When registering, you will be asked for a “Director Search ID”.  My ID is 541-16116-68107

•  The link to submit your video is:

•  While the due date for OMEA is March 6, our due date will be February 27th.  This will allow me enough time to review everything and make sure it is submitted correctly.

•  Checks should be made payable to Perry Band Boosters. Each solo is $15.00

•  Accompaniment is not necessary, but I highly encourage to try and use either a real accompanist for your recording or use a Smart Music or YouTube accompaniment.  You can register for Smart Music for $10-20 if you choose that option.

•  I HIGHLY encourage you to make your recording in as professional as an environment as possible.  If you choose to do it at home, which is fine, just make sure you are in a neat and tidy space.  Make certain you read through the instructions OMEA has provided on video format.  Your video must be in LANDSCAPE mode.

•  Please click here for instructions and other information.  Please read this document thoroughly.

•  If you have any questions, please see Mr. Smith sooner rather than later.  This is new to me also!