1.  Click here to download the Solo and Ensemble Schedule for this Saturday at Massillon High School

2.  If there is a scheduling conflict, please see Mr. Smith ASAP.  You can switch times with someone in your same room, but you MUST NOT SWITCH ROOMS.

3.  Please be sure you have your scores numbered, and your scale requirements(soloists only) memorized.  You must provide the judge with a numbered score or your rating will be lowered.

4.  We have so many events this year that most events are double, triple, and quadruple booked.  We can’t be in 4 places at once, so we may not be in to hear your solo/ensemble. This means you must be prepared and ready to go.  Show up early, warm up in the homeroom, and be outside of your contest room at least 5 minutes early.  Also, do not take it personally if one of us is not at your event.  We will try to get to everything we can, but it will be impossible for us to hear all of you.

5.  Remember to play well, represent the Perry Bands well both in performance and behavior, thank your judges for hearing you, and enjoy the day!  Encourage your parents to come listen!