On Tuesday, June 18th, we will be interviewing our final candidates for our full time band position.  Our new staff member will be leading our 6th Grade Band, assisting with the bands at Edison and Perry High School, as well as leading our brass section for the Perry High School Marching Band.

In order to help us select the most qualified candidate, we are asking that all leadership team members and any 2013 Symphonic Winds members who are available, please show up in the HS Band Room on Tuesday, June 18th at 9:30AM with your CONCERT instruments.  We will pass out a selection for each candidate to rehearse.  In addition to your instruments, please bring a pencil as we will be “adding mistakes” to our music.  (How often do you get asked to play wrong notes on purpose??)  This interview process will be over no later than 11:30AM.  If you know that you can’t make it, please email Mr. Smith ASAP so he can find someone to cover your part.