Great first day of marching band!  The staff was VERY impressed with your attitude and work ethic this morning.  We are going to have an outstanding year.

With the heat wave this week, it is important for you to keep cool.  Here are some tips to help beat the heat:

1.  Drink lots and lots of water.  Gatorade/Powerade is ok, but H2O is better.  Avoid pop, coffee, sugary drinks, caffeine, and energy drinks as these will just dehydrate you.  Drink plenty of water in the evening before rehearsals.

2.  Wear light colored clothing.  Black/dark colors just make you feel hotter. (this includes shoes!)

3.  Wear a baseball cap or visor.  Keeping the sun out of your face and off your head will help  you feel cooler.

4.  Go home after practice and chill out in some air conditioning.  Go for a swim.  Do something to cool off.  You will sleep better, and wake up more refreshed.

5.  Eat a LIGHT breakfast.  If you eat a heavy breakfast (pancakes, sausage, grease, etc) you will just feel sick.  If you don’t eat any breakfast, you will run out of energy.

6.  Don’t forget your music and/or drill card.  This won’t make you any cooler, but it will certainly make your directors happy.

7.  Bring plenty of water to rehearsals.  We can’t stress this enough!  We will give you plenty of water breaks, but you need to do your part by bringing water.  Milkshakes or sweet tea are not good substitutes for water.

8.  Work hard at practice:  the harder you work, the faster we get done and out of the heat!