Sunday, November 3rd

Doors open at 8:15 AM/Buses Roll at 9:00AM

We will not be stopping on the way down, so make sure to use the restroom BEFORE we leave!

Performance time:  2:15 PM

Bring some cash as we will stop at Tuttle Crossing Mall on the way home for dinner. (Food court)

We should arrive at PHS around 8PM

Parent Info:

Parkin:  $5.00

Admission:  $7.00

Schedule for Block 1/Sunday:

1:00PM  Versailles HS(Class C)

1:15PM  Northwest HS(Class B)

1:30PM  Wellston HS(Class B)

1:45PM Anderson HS(Class A)

2:00PM Westland HS(Class AA)

2:15PM Perry HS(Class AA)

2:30PM  Awards (Ratings only)

For a complete schedule of bands and other information, please click here