It’s here!  Marching Band officially starts tomorrow!  (for leadership and freshmen….the rest of you will have to wait until Wednesday!)

Some updates and reminders:

•  Water Water Water!  Make sure you bring a container of water.  Also, dress for the heat and wear sunscreen.

•  BEFORE you leave your house, take your temperature.  If you have a fever, stay home.  If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19….stay home.  If you miss a rehearsal due to illness, please have a parent email us at

•  We must all do our part to social distance and follow our guidelines.  These will be taken seriously.  If you must miss rehearsals because you are showing symptoms, must quarantine, etc., you will be excused….there will be no penalty.  We all want to see each other and participate in this awesome activity, but we must be responsible.

•  Looking at the forecast, there is a strong possibility that rehearsal on Tuesday will end at 10AM.  An announcement will be made tomorrow.  I don’t like to change schedules at the last minute, but we are going to do what we need to do to keep kids safe.  In extreme heat, we typically take the marching band inside….that’s not an option this year.  When extreme heat or inclement weather is forecast, we will make a determination to cancel with the hope of leaving parents enough time to make arrangements. 

•  We will see some of you tomorrow at 7AM and all of you on Wednesday at 7AM!